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  1. Week 3 of this event was just released and includes the introduction of some major characters, as well as the ability to make your first major choice in a branching path -- choices made by players will affect their own week 4 prompts, as well as the future of the game's storyline as a whole. (art for the captain npc by https://www.deviantart.com/buntato) The storyline is available for anyone to read here, if you're interested in following it! https://realm-of-lyth.com/event/2020/turn-the-tides/story
  2. Thank you so much!! A lot of folks put a ton of work into this event and I'm excited to see it unfold + hope everyone enjoys it!!
  3. Realm of Lyth just launched its first major story-based event today: Turn the Tides. Follow the storyline via 4 week-long event prompts, and help determine the future of Lyth as we know it. Participate in extra activities, and collect new items to unlock additions for your Lythians that are more fitting for the increased water level. Above is one of the custom characters available to win via free raffle. The event beginning update includes part 1 of the storyline, an event-limited daily activity, teasers for two opportunities to acquire designer-created unique characters (use
  4. I no longer work with IcePets as of fairly recently, but I want to publicly say this: The team working with IcePets is a group of some of the most dedicated, well-functioning, and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with on a project. There are people on this team who have been running the day-to-day operations of the IcePets website for multiple years and know how the game and community ticks. They are equally known by the community and they know how to keep the site going. Whoever purchases IcePets obviously gains the ability to do what they want with the hiring and firing portio
  5. IcePets.com is seeking talented writers and editors. IcePets writers are tasked with bringing life to the cold world of Terrafrost. Responsibilities will include writing our news, book content, item descriptions, flavour text, and plot/event text. You must be willing to adapt to our style guide, which is a modification of the Oxford Guide to Style. This position is paid with in-game currency, based on the amount written per month. Requirements: Excellent written communication skills in English Strong knowledge of proper English spelling, grammar, and syntax Basic gr
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