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Welcome Duelingpets we are currently being rebuilt but no matter you can see all the latest new features and improvements over our old design.
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  2. Thanks. I am currently allowing users to have multiple accounts though only one play account per owner. The other account is a storage account for storing points. One of the bigger problems besides bugs is that those points that are stored in a storage account are most of the time not in circulation. This means the points are not being used to buy things. The storage account will be severely restricted in what it can do so to prevent players from making huge amount of points on their side account.
  3. Oh nice Sounds like a nifty little feature. Do you allow for multiple accounts? This could pose problems, or also lead to problems if people got the points from ill-gotten means (i.e. exploiting a bug in the site).
  4. Currently I am working on an ability to allow the users of my website to give each other points. What it will do is the user sets a goal of points from 1 to 2 mil. In order for the player to be able to retrieve their points from their box they will need to either reach their goal or exceed it. 2mil is the cap for the storage of points for the user's donation box. There is also a limit of 50000 points for donors, this is to prevent one player from just donating the max and filling up the donation goal.

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