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Found 3 results

  1. So here is an idea have for my duelingpets economy, bare in mind I don't know if this will work. Any advice guys? Colorscheme = 16 points(Only source available at start) Blogs = 60 - 100 points(Only available after being purchased for 80 points) Pouch limit = 4000 points Each pouch upgrade is 500 points * upgrade level pouch upgrade adds 2000 point limit Pouch 0/4000 Emerald limit = 0 Emeralds 0/0 Emerald upgrade = 12000 points Emerald limit increase = 8 emeralds per level Donationbox 0/0 (Upgrade can be bought for 5 Emeralds) Points to Emeralds cost = 8000 * 4.6(Will fluctuate)
  2. Here a list of the features that are currently built for Duelingpets in the newest build, as well as the features in development. Features in development: Bookworlds allows users to create various different universes Books allows users to create books based out of their respective universe Generalchapters provides a generic chapter profile for multiple chapters Chapters allows users to create a story line for which their characters will follow Current Features: Maintopicmoderators allows users to moderate a maintopic [Complete] Maintopicmoderatorrequests allows users to become maintopic moderators [Complete] Containermoderators allows users to moderate a topiccontainer [Complete] Containermoderatorrequests allows users to become container moderators [Complete] Forummoderators allows users to moderate a forum [Complete] Forummoderatorrequests allows users to become forum moderators [Complete] Faqs provides information of common features to new users [Complete] Soundvisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's sound [Complete] Radiostationvisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's radiostation [Complete] Artvisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's art [Complete] Artpages displays a picture of an imaginary creature to get the site a bit more flavor [Complete] Containersubscribers allows the user to subscribe to a topiccontainer [Complete] Maintopicsubscribers allows the user to subscribe to a maintopic [Complete] Subtopicsubscribers allows the user to subscriber to a subtopic [Complete] Channelvisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's channel [Complete] Movievisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's movie [Complete] Galleryvisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's gallery [Complete] Alerts informs the user of friendrequests, foruminvites, colorschemes and pms that have been just received [Complete] Webbanners allows the admin to change the website banner [Complete] Foruminvites allows users to invite their friends to an invite type forum [Complete] Foruminvitemembers allows users access to post on an invite only forums [Complete] Pastforumowners allows the forumowner and the users members to either take over the forum or be appointed as the successor of a particular forum [Complete] Forumtimers keeps track of the activity of when a particular user visited the forum itself [Complete] Pagetimers sets up timers for each individual page of the website [Complete] Uservisits keeps track of when a current user visited another user's profile [Complete] Blogvisits keeps track of when a current user visited a particular blog [Complete] Watch allows users to watch others and receive alerts on new content [Complete] Friendrequest allows users to befriend other users [Complete] Friends shows who you are friends with [Complete] Pagesounds allows the webadmin to change the various music of the site around [Complete] Forums allows users to communicate with the community [Complete] Radiostation allows users to create their very own music [Complete] Gallery allows users to create their very own art [Complete] Channel allows users to create their very own movies [Complete] Suggestions allows users to suggest new features to site [Complete] Contact page allows users to ask question or report bugs about the site [Complete] Donation box allows users to store points received from other users [Complete] Private messaging allows users to send messages between specific set of users [Complete] Shouts allows users to comment on another user's profile [Complete] Blogs allows users to create a set of news that users can comment on [Complete] Colorscheme allows users to change the colors of the site to whatever they wish [Complete] Active allows users to see if one of their friends is online at the moment [Complete] Stats allows users to see the state of the economy as well as other stat related info [Complete] Sitemap allows users to travel from one section to another with relative ease [Complete]
  3. Hey guys I now have videos now working on my homepage upon the newest content being reviewed and will change depending on the user's age limit. Only 3 videos will be allowed at a time on the front page. This is only working on my linux computer but this a significant boost to my moral. All that is left is the mailer and a couple of fixes I still need to do.
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