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Hello! I just joined TGL an hour or so ago.

A little about me...  I'm 27 and a digital artist. I've been doing digital art for about 15 years. I'm legally blind and very much picked the wrong field LOL. But I love it, no regrets. I also do some web design. I learned PHP last year and hope to one day find time to learn more code. 

I'm excited to see a new gaming resource forum and look forward to contributing =) 

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Welcome to the forums, and we can always welcome new artists!

I am sure being legally blind and being an artist is difficult work, but makes the results even more rewarding! I would love to see some of your work!

I personally am no good with art, my artistic skills ended at the sites logo. :P


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How fascinating. My father was legally blind, but you wouldn't know it if you met him. I'd bet you are very much the same. As a digital artist, you have certainly chosen to pursue something that challenges you completely; I'm sure the resulting creations are full of depth and intrigue.

One of the most accomplished photographers in her field (for over 20 years) recently revealed that she is nearly blind; she always has been. She showed some pictures to demonstrate what she is able to see. It is beyond me to comprehend how she can capture what she does in portraits and action shots with her limited vision.  I applaud you for your perseverance and dedication to your vision. 

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Not surprised! I've seen a lot of people who you would never know, they get around great or they have no cane/glasses so they look completely sighted. 

It is very much that case if I don't use my cane. I have very thick black tinted glasses (hiding my abnormal heterochromatic eyes) but some people don't know enough about eyewear to know my vision is poor.

Very cool that a highly accomplished photographer is legally blind! It's a feat to get great work done in a field where you're disatvantaged, and all the more rewarding. I used to love taking pictures as a kid, though nothing professional, especially at the zoo. While I couldn't see well enough to watch the animals in person, I could see them in the photos and videos I took. Some visually impaired people have a lot of light sensitivity and other issues seeing things in person that technology can capture, but I don't know if that's the case for them. =D It's great to do what you love. 

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I do have a project in development although it is on hiatus at the moment which is okay. I really don't have the time I thought I had for a full blown project.

It all started really with Pokémon to be honest. Turned into a short period of Tomegotchi keychains... leading to me find Neopets. The love affair was set after that.

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Hello there, thought I'd finally actually post an intro thread :P

I'm Pepper. Been a fan of pet sites for a long long time, and that spark has never left me. I love how many different kinds of people this community draws in and I want to be a part of what keeps it going <3 For the past few years, I've been working on my own game - Kasaria.net! I'm extremely excited and anxious for its beta launch in about 32 days!

But for some actual about me infos! I'm a junior Illustration Major at SCAD, I live with my roommate's two rascally adorable chunky cats Pedro and Frank, I absolutely love plushies (Kikidoodle's Purrmaids, Naomi Romero's Corgis, basically anything Magnastorm, etc), and I've recently developed an obsession for posters! My favorites are the preorder bonuses for the game Horizon Zero Dawn, some ones I've bought at conventions, and two from Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag (look him up pls omg). I also have a ridiculously large one of two alligators with their snouts close and open in a smile that I got from Hobby Lobby for $2 :P 

Unfortunately, my busy school and work schedule doesn't give me much time to play games, but whenever I get free moments before sleep I'll play some Pokemon or do my quick dailies on Flight Rising. I hope I can change that soon!

Looking forward to reconnecting with familiar faces, and meeting some new ones! Please say hi!

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Thank you for the welcome! :happy:

My brother had the old GBA games and I was hooked then! The first Pokemon game I ever owned was the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge. I would pick that game up and play it all day in a heartbeat, even now. And I ??? just learned it's for the 3DS??? ... Well I know where my next splurge money is going :P

Image result for pokemon puzzle league GBA 


As for Simon Stalenhag, here's his website! http://www.simonstalenhag.se/
It's really amazing works, but then when you look at his closeups...... it's amazing how much detail is constructed from pretty vague strokes. Especially on areas like roads that seem to have a lot of depth but actually are pretty simply done!

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Is it sad that I know exactly which piece you're talking about? <3

The prints are beautiful! The bigger, the better! I already have two, and I can't wait to save up for another one! My favorites are the ones with "creatures" in them, but honestly I love every piece he does.

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RB is pretty good, I've ordered two prints and a laptop case from them and the print quality was really nice :) Another pretty good place to shop is teepublic.com - they only show t-shirts on display but you can actually choose posters and the like from them too. I've ordered two tanktops from them that were really lovely! I hope to get more too. Thought I'd list them in case they have a sale or an artist posted something there that you liked instead ;) 

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