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Game Assets Commissions (OPEN)

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Pssmalllogo by Pepper-Head
[email protected] | pepperishstudio.com | Twitter, IG, FB: @pepperishstudio


Check Commission Que ]

After the commission details are approved, I'll have you sign a contract that outlines expectations for me as well as usage rights for the assets.
I balance commissions between my full-time job. Let me know if you have a deadline you'd like me to work with!
Payments handled via Invoices on Paypal.

I provide sketches (sometimes more than one per item) for approval before finalizing assets.

All assets listed in this thread are examples of previous commissions.


ITEMS  - $8 per item, $0.25 per basic recolor
Currently looking to do cell shaded, toony, and semirealistic
You will receive the full & resized images.

romanticwings.pngcuddlygrungerplush.pngcompaniondeed.png shortswithbelt-khaki.pngKuspa by Pepper-HeadBucketofdartfrogsr by Pepper-HeadCookiecharmr by Pepper-HeadJarofhoneyr by Pepper-HeadFemalepotionr by Pepper-HeadMalepotionr by Pepper-Head

Breakintovendingmachinemin by Pepper-HeadClimbguardtowermin by Pepper-HeadJanitorsclosetmin by Pepper-HeadRobarcademin by Pepper-Head  3 by Pepper-Head2 by Pepper-Head1 by Pepper-Head
Leathercollar by Pepper-HeadNyloncollar by Pepper-HeadNylonleash by Pepper-HeadNaturespawietybagchicken by Pepper-HeadPremium by Pepper-HeadPhysiotherapy by Pepper-HeadNutrition by Pepper-Head

meteorologyII by Pepper-HeadGrowthanddevelopment by Pepper-HeadBasicdentalproblems by Pepper-Head70dp by Pepper-Head


BADGES  - $10 per icon for 'Toony', $15 for semi-realistic rendering* (lacking examples)
You will receive the full & resized images.
I can also convert these to vectors at no charge!

Beta1 by Pepper-HeadKs1 by Pepper-HeadLogo1 by Pepper-Head

PET CLOTHING  - Quoted per item & style
Wearable items in a different style to match the horse bases. Must be able to fit all breed bases with minimal edits. **Horse bases not by me

Horse genetics. Must be able to fit all horse breed bases with minimal edits. **Horse bases not by me

Petsite-specific samples coming soon. Please view my portfolio for more of what I can do.


CHARACTER ICONS - $20 Bust/Icon or $40 Fullbody
Have a NPC or even personal character that you'd like an icon for? Look no further - I love doing these!
Icon #001 - Caliber by Pepper-HeadFable Icon by Pepper-HeadIcon #002 - Siren by Pepper-HeadIcon #003 - Golden Wisdom by Pepper-Head


ILLUSTRATIONS / OTHER - Message or Email for a quote
Looking for something else? I'd love to hear!
You can find more of my work on PepperishStudio.com


Thank you for looking!

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Bumping this up!

Just got back from the dealership and they tacked on another couple hundred dollars :/

If your commission is valentines day related, I can still guarantee it by tomorrow!



Keeping these open until the end of Feb, when I may adjust prices / availability.

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Commission Announcements for the Summer of 2018

* I have graduated with my BFA in Illustration?

Have a commission with me or want to check its status? I've added a link to the first post so you can Check My Commission Que!

I will be on a vacation from the 20th-26th and cannot guarantee updates during this time.

My current que is pretty full for what I can handle, however I may accept a small commission (item batch, character design, etc) to be done by the end of the month once my current que is cleared.

* In July and August, I will hopefully be full-time at my day job, but Illustration is my passion and I wish to prioritize building up that work! If you are looking to get some commission work done, please reach out to me for a quote and I can schedule you in!

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 


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Commission Announcements for Late Summer

Hello everyone!

I recently got promoted into a management position at my retail job... which means full time!!! I still want to actively take commissions, I just need a little time to balance and get used to it. My current que is full and I hope to clear up most of it by the end of next week, but I am accepting inquiries for work to be started at the end of this month.

In fact, I'm looking to pay off $8,000 on my student loans by January 2019 when my grace period ends. My Commissions Trello has been updated to reflect that goal and my progress so far!

I appreciate everyone's patience and interest in my work ❤️ 


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NOTE: Due to demand and my current availability, prices have bumped up slightly to $8 per item. I have been doing backgrounds and pet clothing/genetics as well and will edit this post to reflect my prices for that when I reopen.

I am currently closed to new commissions for the month of March, but will continue working for current clients.
I will accept quotes and reviewing project ideas for April for new clients!

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