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I'm looking for a writer to help me with creating a choose-your-own-adventure style story for Ekos. Let me know if you are interested with some examples/pricing. There's no big time frame right now, as I'm still finishing coding on some of the site.

Basically, it will need to be a series of different paths that a player will travel along. sentence or two of events, options the player can take, and then how it links up with other events. Here's an example:

(Start) {Alias} sets off on their journey...

  1. Go north to the forest. (2)
  2. Go west to the mountains.
  3. Go east to the lake.

(2) Forest
{Alias} walks into the forest, following a deer trail. It's very peaceful, and there's the sound of birds and rustling leaves from a gentle breeze. As {Alias} is taking in the smells and sounds, they loose track of the trail.

  1. Go back the way you came. (3)
  2. Just keep moving straight. (4)
  3. Follow a bird. (5)

(3) Go back the way you came
{Alias} turns around back in the direction that they first entered the forest. {Alias} pauses, seeing a deer. Might be a good way back to the deer trail, yes?

  1. Follow the deer slowly, and try not to startle it.
  2. Why would the deer be scared? Walk up to it and ask for directions.

(4) Just keep moving straight
As with most that get lost in a forest, {Alias} finds themselves walking in a circle and ends up back to where they started. Still lost.

  1. Go back the way you came. (3)
  2. Follow a bird. (5)

(5) Follow a bird ** gain blue jay feather
{Alias} follows a blue jay... stuff happens >_>

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On 2/9/2018 at 12:08 PM, Tasinei said:

I'm interested! But I do have a question, how long would each part be?

I can jump off and on writing some myself or finishing any paths, so however many segments you want to write (one segment is some text, and a set of options) is great with me!

I'm wanting to make this pretty long, but if you only have time to do a few parts that's just fine :)

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