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Volunteer web developer, part-time


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Update 12/05/2017

Due to the volume of requests, I am now handling my volunteer work as a feature queue! I will complete one feature for a given project before bouncing it to the back of the queue. Paid work will take priority.

Paid Work

PM me to hash out details for paid work. I will try to offer rates appropriate for your budget, and I prefer to be paid per feature than per hour. Paid work takes priority over queued volunteer work.

Prerequisites, Conditions, & Miscellaneous

  • I will not work on a project that does not have version control and a remote repository, e.g. GitHub or BitBucket. If you do not already have version control set up, it is extremely simple to do so. See @owlmanatt's tutorial or Github - Set Up Git for a short guide.
  • I am probably not the person you want to build your project from the ground up! I promise no long-term commitment to any project I volunteer for (unless paid), and this kind of work is better done by a developer who will remain on the project for the foreseeable future. I may be willing to do so but only if the project has a solid foundation—things like artwork and design documents.
  • If the feature you're looking to develop is "common" (i.e. private message systems, forums, authentication), it is almost always better to use an open source third-party package. If you're not sure how to find a package that suits your needs, ping me and I can guide you to the right resources.
  • Tying into the above, I will not write user authentication systems (i.e. registration/login/logout). The potential for security vulnerabilities is too great for me to take responsibility for that risk, and you almost never want to roll your own authentication anyway. There is undoubtedly a third-party package you can use instead, which has the benefit of being vetted and tested by a large community.


Looking For...

A virtual pet site or sim with passionate people behind it. I'm a professional software dev with time to kill and an itch for code. If you need someone to whip up a prototype, fill in where another developer left off, or even develop new features for just a little bit of praise and attention and beer, I'm your gal.


Currently working as a web developer on both front-end and back-end, in ReactJS and Java respectively. In my spare time, I write open source extensions for MyBB and Xenforo. I also occasionally take requests from roleplaying communities, which range from tutorials, to code snippets, to full-fledged extensions. A few of my recent projects are:

Languages & Frameworks

Ruby (on Rails), PHP (with limited Laravel experience), Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, Angular, HTML, Bootstrap, Sass

  • Most of my back-end web dev experience is in Rails and PHP
  • I am not a designer, but I am very familiar and comfortable with HTML, CSS, and CSS preprocessors like Sass, as well as modern web standards and mobile responsiveness
  • I can learn new languages and frameworks if necessary


I work a standard 9am-5pm job, so my availability is strictly after 5pm EST on week days. My weekends are largely open to scheduling.


Reply to this thread or shoot me a PM to get the ball rolling. 

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