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Artist needed for Horse Reality to draw achievement badges + icon set


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I'm currently looking for an artist that can create achievement badges or anything like it. I currently have 65 achievements listed, so it would be great if I could order in batches. Or all at once if it isn't too expensive.

I would need to be able to order more in a later stage, as we'll probably need more of them once we have more things implemented in the game (and thus new achievements need to be added). Or if you could create some kind of template with different bases and such, that might also work.


I absolutely LOVE the detailed stuff. I don't want a simplistic banner, I want the fancy works.

For example the job banners from Furvilla. Just L O V E it. If you can do something like this. AWESOME.


I have an excel sheet with the achievements and a small description of the achievement itself. You'll have a lot of freedom in here. You can create what you'd like, based on these little texts. Preferably with the word inside the badge, but if that's not possible, that's okay too. I'm sure we could work it out :)

  • Student: Player enrolled in a course at the university
  • Jobhunter: Player finished a course at the university
  • Love at first sight: Player bought its first horse


We also have some pixel art icons in our game. It seemed a good idea at the time, but nowadays everything needs to be scalable. So I need our current pixel art icon set remade into bigger art. It can be a vector, but I prefer the "drawn" style, which usually cannot really be achieved in vector style. The custom icon set consists of approximately 50 icons. Preferably the same style as the new achievements will be, so everything will be in the similar style.


Styles I also like:

The Furvilla stuff is an absolute adoration though. I'd also like to have all banners include a bit of text.

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