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What artists do you admire?


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This probably will sound bad, but can't seem to find the right way to word this. I don't exactly admire people just for their style or creativity or even accomplishments, at least not for those things alone. Sure there are styles I take inspiration from and enjoy drawing, but I don't exactly admire the artists as individuals just for making good art. No, I tend to admire people for their passion, and overall personality.

I am really bad with names, but most of the famous artist I actually look up to are the ones that crossed a social line with passion. They knew what they wanted to make and knew society would shame them, but they didn't let that stop them. I did a report on Marina Abramović for one of my classes. I had no idea who she was at first I just got left with her since I tend to always pick from the available subjects for an assignment last (I find it more fun that way). She was the most controversial artist on that list and I was thrilled to write a report and presentation on her. Warning for sexual content and odd and disturbing content if you look her up. She is most known for her liver performance arts. I just love how she pushed the limits and how most of her pieces were experiments! I respect her so much for her passion and ambition. I mostly love when an artist pushes the boundaries and crosses the line in a respectful and tasteful manner. They don't resort to mocking tragedies or other's sufferings to push boundaries  and I just really admire that bravery. Not just for Marina but for any artist that does things like that. For example Michelangelo of course. I just like his spite and sass, he is my hero for that.

I also really admire developing or even developed artists that give actually helpful constructive critiques without including uncalled for harsh comments.Artists who are willing to help beginners learn what they have learned or even are learning in a positive friendly way is just so great. I live for helping others I would love to try to start a channel for constructively critiquing art, be it drawing or photography. I would mean so much to me to help beginner artists learn new techniques and inspire them to experiment and push their comfort zones as my senior year photography teacher did for me. It is helpful to be reminded that failure is ok. We are told from the very beginning the mistakes and failures are shameful, but in reality they are the fundamentals of learning. You simply cannot learn if you do not fail. It is all about trial and error and I thing we forget that a lot of the time. I'm getting off topic.

But yeah I really admire artists for what they do and why over their end results.

I tried to keep this short and to the point, I rewrote this like three times. Sorry It's so long. I just have a lot to say on this subject.

Oh at the moment I am really looking up to LavenderTowne on youtube. She is a handful of years younger then me, but that doesn't matter. She is just supper polite and nice to listen to and has wonderful inspirational things to say. Plus is a delight on her little let's play for passpartout (a game where you play as a "starving artist"). I highly suggest checking out her videos and her passpartout videos, they helped me smile and chuckle. Oh here is the play list of her playing the game, it's just four videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0BV8tpTOoM&list=PLhmHswx9NVfVyrIczfAovjml1sK5gGIdg

Hope you enjoy! And can't wait to see who/what type of artists all of you admire too!


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Oh goodness, the lists are too long to name them all! I'm constantly getting shown great artists so that I can pour over their works and analyze their treatment of light, color, composition, etc.

Simon Stalenhag is one of my favorites to look over. On his website, he'll post little zoomed in detail images and its just spectacular to see how some areas are tight, but a lot of it is gestural and very textured. He must work at massive canvas sizes! His website is literally an eye-candy store: http://www.simonstalenhag.se/ 

Image result for simon stalenhag


I also admire Joy Ang as an illustrator  :) it's good to have an artist to look at and see someone who sorta has a similar style and is doing what you want to do. I'll drop her link, too! http://joyang.ca/artwork/

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There are so many illustrators I admire for different things each one of them. x__x

For colour & light: Nathan Fowkes, Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo, and many more





Amazing styles: Claire Wendling, Peter Mohrbacher, Nesskain and many others





Fellow artist friends with amazing skills: Stephan MCgowan, Hunter Bonyun, Elk64, and many others!





There are way too many to list XD
And some others I don't remember their names....





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