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Where to even begin


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So I really want to start work on a realistic animal sim browser game, but I have no idea where to start, how to find a team. 

I'm totally lost actually, what software is best to make a browser game?

Should I kick-start, is funding actually needed yet or not?

How do I get a team?

I have experience with IT, art and games design. I've done all in college, with games design being a level 3 and the others being level 2s but I'm still at a loss.. can anyone give me any tips? Would anyone be interested in helping me? I can't pay right now so it would be volunteer for the time being. 

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You need to do a lot more research before you consider a kick-starter. No one will back a project by someone who doesn't really have a clue what they're doing.

The good news is that you've come to the right place. I suggest learning how to build/setup a basic website first, using HTML/CSS. You'll want to have some grasp on how web hosting works and websites in general.

Before you try to recruit people, know that it's an incredibly hard and challenging process to make a game. There are three core aspects to making a browser game: Programming, Art and Money. You'll find it hard to find volunteers if you can't offer any of these towards the game since everyone is trying to recruit these days. Simply having an idea isn't enough for people to want to invest in your game.

Good luck!

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I already have knowledge of website design and html like you suggested, I'm not completely clueless I have done games design myself but what they actually teach you and what you expect to be are to very different things, the class was just basics at best. 

I was actually required to create a website for the course so I've got web design covered, I don't have an issue with that, I know a small amount of coding but I'm not to sure how to put it into what I'm after. What I was shown was mostly how to get x thing to go to y and stuff like that, I was more shown how to make flash games and use unity to an small degree.

I have a site idea already but since I'll be working in a team it's flexible. I already have another person helping out but again we don't know where to begin, I was thinking of looking for an artist next and trying to do the coding myself with a little help?

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I think a good place to start is documentation! Start a document, notebook, etc. and write down all of your ideas. Make notes such as;

  • Game Title
  • Intended Audience
  • Basic Description
  • Storyline Overview/Notes
  • Features

Once you have a good idea settled down you can start breaking up what needs to be done into tasks (artwork, programming, writing, etc.)

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I have been working on a game for several years on and off (everyone's development speed is very different)

From reading a ton of guides for both this project and some others, If found that, for me at least, it was easier to start with a question rather than an answer. If helps me and some others stay organized with a clear goal in mind first.

I do no know where you particularly are, so forgive me if you already have this done.
I like to Have some base questions and have answers for them. Why am I making this? Who is this for? What type of players will be interested or use this game? What do I want the players to get out of this?
Then I start asking How I plan on entertaining those types of players and how I plan on keeping them engaged and how or what part of the game will achieve why I want to make it in the first place.

Some seem to jump on an idea before considering why they want it or what it would be for or what problems it may solve. Or even what about it will be new.

I didn't do this before but I also am finding it helpful to make and plan out a time line of goals for the development of the ideas and concepts and how long each should take. Like finalizing and creating a string of events and features, what mechanics you want, and so on. It depends on your preferences and abilities and what you have access to it seems.

But that I just stuff I learned and think I understand. I'm sure most is just from my engineering classes over the business courses I took. Engineering taught me to get in a habit of finding a problem I want to address first and then find answers for it and then development and prototype/test my ideas.

Teams seem to come form anywhere, willing or able friends, family, volunteer, paid. Paid seems to be the easiest and most sure fire way for quality. I have no idea if it's right, but I'm starting with planning out visuals, sneak peaks, and explanations on what the game i'm working on's goal is along with planned features to post over time to get people hyped and know i'm serious so they maybe more willing to contribute to the future kick stater. But right now i'm still planning what I would want to show off to the public, what i want in production behind the scenes and about how much starting out of pocket money i'd need for that self advertisement so i can get enough interest to get enough donations to actually produce the full game and launch it.

Again I'm just spit balling here. I have no business experience. This is just stuff I picked up on from classes and guides and asking. And of course I left out a tone of micro details so i don't send a novel of things I learned from guides and videos and such.

I feel there are several ways to go about the development, this is just one possible, and vague, path of action.

But do feel it is important to at least consider those questions at some point since you probably will be asked them by your potential development team I'd assume.

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Thanks for the input cuddly spider and hasi. 

Not much else I can add, I've got my friend helping and she's decided to be a admin in the site, we've been spit balling stuff. What is the game and what mechanics am I hoping to find in the game in one of those, answers being a sim meerkat game (inspired by meerkat manor and real life meerkats), mechanics of the game hunting(?), breeding and genetics, markings, leveling (?), skills or stats, health (rabies, mange, scars, hunger), just to list a few things.

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After many years of experience and using many methods of design/development/funding I can honestly say that there is no one good answer that will fit into the development of a game.  :P  However based on your comments, I would suggest that you begin this way.

Since you have already defined what the game will be (basically) and since you already have some help, get together and begin a very rough draft "to do" list.

  1. Game Design
  2. Team
  3. Funding

Then break those categories down into more specifics (as you break them down, more requirements will become evident).

  1. Game Design
    1. Game Premise
    2. Game Goals
    3. Game Features
    4. Programming Lanquage(s)
    5. Art Style
    6. Music Style
  2. Team
    1. Programmer
    2. Writer
    3. Artist
    4. Musician
  3. Funding
    1. Kickstarter
    2. Own Money
    3. Volunteers
    4. Partnership

Then break those sub-categories down into even more specifics.  The above is just of course a very, very general outline of the very basics of any game.  Once you start listing the categories/sub-categories of your game you will be able to develop a very specific outline of what challenges lie in front of you in the development of your game and how you are going to meet those challenges.

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