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S E R V I C E Sscissors_divider__animated__by_tictakoop
         diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk Graphic Editing
I have five years' worth of proficiency with Photoshop CS6 software. While I am by no means an artist, I can create banners and other graphics featuring the text of your choice, as well as perform a variety of edits to whatever image you'd like, such as resizing, adding text, enhancing, removing backgrounds, and more!

         diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk Proofreading and Writing
At the risk of waxing poetic, writing isn't simply a service to be offered in my eyes---it is a labor of love, from beginning to end. Ask me to write something and you can rest assured that the finished product will be the absolute best I can offer.  And in the event that you aren't satisfied, for any reason, I'll work with you towards a solution we both can be proud of. I'm not simply a writer for hire, I'm a ruthless perfectionist. I've been writing creatively for about nine or so years now, give or take, and over those years, I've written in just about every form there is. I particularly enjoy world-building, lore creation, and creature description.

         diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk High Availability
I work part-time, putting in 10 paid hours a week. That's relatively little in the grand scheme of things, leaving a large amount of free time on my hands. I'm almost always online somewhere; I would love to spend that time being productive.

         diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk Constructive Criticism
I have an eye for the finer details as well as the big picture and I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth. In the same breath, however, I don't believe that hate has ever helped grow anything. Constructive criticism and feedback are the building blocks of a successful and thriving community.

         diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk An Open Mind
I'm always open to learning new skills and providing new resources. If you need something outside of my listed services, I'd be willing to do the necessary research and see if I can provide it for you! All you have to do is ask and ye shall receive.

       diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk Intermediate CSS+HTML Knowledge
I'm better at design creation than overall website framework building. Currently I get my creative kicks doing custom CSS profiles for Khimeros users, just for fun. love it and would love to do the same thing, except on maybe a larger scale.

      diamond___pink__f2u_pixel_dot_by_yesiruk Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
Advertising without marketing is a huge waste of time and resources. Clicks don't necessarily mean new users and new users don't always mean meaningful players who will contribute to the game for the long haul. The goal is to create a marketing plan that not only gives users a reason to visit, but a reason to keep coming back. And that is where PR comes in: public relations and player retention, aka the fostering of good vibes with the public and the building of a loyal, long-term player-base. This is another one of my strong suits; I have several tactics and strategies up my sleeve. It isn't hard---people want to play a good game. Finding one is the trick.

P A Y M E N Tscissors_divider__animated__by_tictakoop
Many people ask about pricing and rates. I've never put a price tag on my abilities, having always simply offered them for free, just for the sake of giving myself something to do. The same holds true now, although it really depends on the job. Sometimes I'll request site-based currency as payment.

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