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Whenever I try to click the 'join us' button in the Discord widget, I get an error message saying that the invite link has expired. The same also happens with the Wolf Souls Discord invite link and many others. So, I have an idea!

Why not pin a thread dedicated to games' Discord servers that provides permanent invites to said server? This eliminates the frustration of not being able to connect, increases ease of use and accessibility, and would make me feel less like banging my head against my keyboard.

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The TGL Discord invite link works fine, I just used it a few seconds ago to see.

Even so I might be nice to have master list of open servers somewhere. With a brief description or even link to their about page/thread?
Something like Server Name(linked) by Username and a description or link to about under it?

Not sue how removing your own server can be implemented if in the event it is remade or removed.

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