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Introducing Martyn!


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So, as some of you who came here from VPL may already know him, I have decided to bring @Martyn on board to assist me with the community, and see if together we, with the great support of you wonderful members can do even more to improve our community.

For those just meeting him, @Martyn comes with a great amount of experience when it comes to virtual pet sites, and was a Moderator at VPL for a good while. He is a great asset, and a even more knowledgable fellow then even myself. So why not say hello!

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Glad to see that a lot of people from VPL are here too.
I hope you don't mind me asking though, but did you go under the same username on SingSong? I can't recall seeing you on there, though that may just be my memory being the way it is.

I'm hoping to be a great addition to the TGL Team and improve the community aspect of here greatly, it is what I loved doing on VPL after all. Thanks for the nice welcome. :)

@Kesstryl @Pepper-Head
Thank you for the welcome guys!

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