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Seeking Volunteer (or future pay) Line Artist!

Miss Hades

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Hey guys! I'm the head artist for a game in development called RIME and we've had a bit of a set back. Our lineart artist for our big cat bases is in Puerto Rico and the hurricane has rendered her without power for possibly months. Now because we've been careful to make sure we can style match each other so that work can continue I'm able to work in the same style. However, I have tendinitis in both of my wrists and we still have two big cat species to finish on top of cub stages, markings, and other art assets for the game.

Namely, I'm just looking for someone to help me with some of the lineart. If you're able to match our fur / shading goal I might discuss you hopping on board with the dev team as a whole.

Something to keep in mind however is that we cannot pay immediately. While artists are all volunteer at the moment there is plan to have everyone paid eventually hopefully by beta pr once the game launches. This means it could be months to years down the road. We do have a patreon up but that at the moment is slow going so please be aware that this is not a project with immediate pay!

Bouncing off of that, we would prefer you be eighteen due to the contracts we have or will have in place, and legally binding you to them. 

So here's a list:
-Must be 18+
-Understand regulations of payment are in game perks and contracted pay, but contracted pay cannot be immediate
Match our semi realistic line style
-Matching the rest of our style is a plus but not needed
-Be able to draw felines (prehistoric cats/kittens)
-Be able to open and save .psd files
-Be able to work quick and work with me to attain what we're after

Thank you! Here's a peek below:




I'm currently working on giant cheetahs. We'll need smilodon adol and cub stages, and all of our cave lion stages as well.

Please post below with examples/rates (remember payment cannot be made immediate so this being flexible helps). Any questions are welcome here or through pm! Full time? One time comms? What are you interested in? Thanks!

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