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Hopefully I can get some discussion going, though I don't know how many forum goers here that will be interested :/

As some of you may remember, I bought Teripets a few years back, but didn't end up getting the site back up because of drama with previous staff/artists.

I do want to include teripets on Aethria, though.  I have been thinking that a good way to do it might be to put up an exact copy of the old site with all the old art that is just for browsing purposes - you can view it for nostalgia sake, but there wouldn't be any money-making aspects to it.  Then, we could also include a new updated version of teripets with entirely new art so that there would not be any conflict with previous artists, that would be a playable version.  If someone would like to claim that they own an art asset or anything of that nature, they'd be welcome to present proof and we'd take it on a case-by-case basis.

Would there be any interest in this kind of thing?

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Not gonna lie, I always had an interest in playing Teripets but never got the chance to experience it. It would be really nice if it was brought back as a playable game once more, cause for a lot of people it's nostalgic and brings memories.

It would be sad for it to come back as just a museum piece.

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