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How are Virtual Pet Games doing?


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So I've been out of the loop for a while now from virtual pet games and just browser based games in general.  How are they doing? I used to regularly check online member count on some of the larger pet sites (Marapets, Neopets, Subeta, Lioden, Flight Rising, etc) so I recently checked, and it doesn't seem any have grown much.  So is there still a market in virtual pet games?  Is it just the same few that have been around for years?  I'm interested in hearing your thoughts!

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Yes, I owned Aluriya as well.  Aluriya is coming back in a "lite" form as part of Aethria.  Aethria has several "realms" which are each like mini-sites with their own gameplay, maps, pets, and lore.

I think petsites are not doing too badly, actually.  It's just that there does't seem to be a central place to hear about them anymore.  With VPL gone, and this place not seeming to have caught people's attention (yet?), it's kind of whatever you stumble over.  I know I haven't been posting anything about Aethria here really because the few times I did post, I didn't get any response.  There are some games like furvilla that seem to be doing well but you don't really hear about.  Dappervolk just made out like bandits with their kickstarter, but again you aren't likely to hear about it unless you happen to know someone who knows something because there just isn't a central hub.


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I’m prepping for three launches over 2018-2020, hopefully.

Overall the industry is doing alright, but smaller games have gone down left and right lately. I’ve seen the following highly active ones die since 2013: dragonadopters, unicreatures 1/2, and another whose name I cannot seem to remember, it had horses.

It seems like it is just getting harder to find new games, not that the industry is failing.

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