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Critters for SALE!


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Hello there everyone! How you doing?

I have these 5 cute critter sketches for sale!

BUT THAT's Not All

For $3 USD you can own the sketch which is in a 900x900 size as a PNG file


For $20 USD I can finish the creature for you! From line to color, to shading, to best suit your game to the best of my ability and you will receive everything in an awesome PSD file with things neatly separated out in layers, including different layers for different markings, parts, and so on. Everything made easy for you to adjust in any which way you need. (please make sure to provide examples)

You can message me here on the forums or contact me at: [email protected]

Payment options are Paypal or Digital Tip Jar (which I will provide a link for you) // Sales are final and you receive full ownership to do with the final results as you please!


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The bear-dog critter with the flower and the goat-dog like thing have been SOLD!

But fear not, you can still purchase those two as Sketches but the PSD option is no longer available. (Yes, that means it may be possible others may have the same sketch and be completing them in their own way)

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