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19 hours ago, PaulSonny said:

I'm looking forward to Beauty and the Beast.

I am as well, looking to see about trying to get my wife out to see it. I have heard it was good, and that they did a great job at keeping it close to the original, which is always a good thing!

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As a follow-up, I did get my wife out yesterday to see Beauty and Beast, and I must say, it was a wonderful movie. They kept it close to the animated movie, but gave us great insight into the backstory in a way that tied it all together even more closely.

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1 minute ago, Digital said:

Take it you would recommend it? I feel like my childhood is kicking me hard to see it, just for the fact it is the Power Rangers.


Yeah! I'd definitely recommend it! My friend who previously disliked the series went with me to see it and now she's super into the series now 

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