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Aethria Development Updates!


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We've been hard at work preparing Aethria for opening, and it's time to give you guys an update!


Programming tasks that have been recently completed:

-World Maps page has been added and individual Maps for Khimeros Caldera and Aluriya have been added to the site

-Most of the Aluriya area features like sending pets through the Vortex, gathering items from the Herb Garden, Orchard etc., are now functional

-Admin tools for creating new aethers and uploading their assets to the demo is functional

-Aether Menageries (where you keep your pets), Individual aether pages are functional

-Creating Aethers through the custom demo is functional


Programming tasks being actively worked on right now:

-Back end and front end administration tools for adding items to the site and other essentials like creating openable item packs etc. are getting needed updates and configuration

-Functionality for adding Khimeros Caldera  pets is being added including all their associated admin tools and user functions like pet dens 

-"Growables" feature for Calligra is being reworked and new functionalities added

-Pet deco system is being tested and configured


Art Related tasks that have been completed:

-First three aether bases that will be available from Aluriya when the site opens for Alpha have been chosen - the Kaze, Raptara, and Arabi!

- "Wild Kaze" base has been enlarged and revamped in Aethria style and loaded into the custom demo


-The first Inkling base that will be available from Calligra when the site opens for Alpha has been chosen - the Phantazia Griffon!


-Both poses of the Phantasia Griffon have been completed and await completion of the "Growables" system!

-The first Khim base that will be available from Khimeros Caldera when the site opens for Alpha has been chosen - the Lambkin!


-The lambkin base has been revamped to Aethria style


Art Related tasks being actively worked on right now:

-World Map for Calligra is in the works

-Arabi, Raptara, and remaining Kaze pose details are being finished up

-Individual items for the Jungle and Savannah areas on Calligra are being completed

- Iindividual "unique" colorations are being created for the lambkin base, to prepare for site opening!


We don't have an ETA on when the site is open, but work is progressing rapidly!



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I was one of the few that really fell in love with Aluriya, and I really loved the art and also the breeding system that simply merged layers which gave interesting results.  I was bummed out when it closed, but I understand when things just aren't working and measures have to be taken.  I'm trusting that my pets from there are still in safe keeping somewhere and I'll see them again in one form or another.  I am curious if the customs we purchased from Aluriya will be going to this game, or if they will be transferred to Khimeros.  I only ask because I had a custom Arabi, and Aethria will have the Arabi.

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