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Web Developer looking for work

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Hello! Many of you may know me from other community forums as Peanut! My husband and I recently just had a baby girl and she is now 4 weeks old. My husband is a stay at home dad while working part-time as an IT technician, but we are becoming financially stressed since I use to make all the primary bills when I was working before I gave birth.


I was working at Smucker's locally here in Northeast Ohio, but my contract ended a week before my due date. Now that we have things under control with the little one, I am trying to find work since Smucker's does not have the budget to bring me back on board. You can see the work I did for them by visiting www.crisco.com, www.pillsburybaking.com, www.thenoseprint.com, and www.dunkinathome.com. It shows a lot of my front-end work, but I did most of the backend work on Dunkin At Home (which is done in the Pimcore CMS). :)

I am currently developing my own sim/pet game, but it's coming along very slowly since I have a lot of other priorities (like paying my bills lol).  I am hoping to find any short-term, long-term work here.

I have also done work for Misticpets, Utasia, DStable, and a few other sites, but that was a while ago.


I'm very negotiable with payment (pay by feature, pay by hour, etc.). I prefer an hourly rate of somewhere between $20-25/hr so I try to estimate features based on that rate. I always give a high estimate so you will never owe more than what is stated before the feature is started!

Skills/Technical Strengths

Laravel 5 & 4, CodeIgniter, Pimcore, Silverstripe, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, PHP, MySQL/PDO, HTML, CSS, Phaser.io, Vue.js, Javascript & jQuery, Git

Availability & Contact

I am available full-time or part-time! I am looking to pick up a few clients. I am always on Skype and I also use Slack as well so you can always reach me!

You can message me on here, Skype me at h_lohrenz, or email me at [email protected].

Thank you!

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Congratulations on your baby girl! :)

Just wanted to say that Haley / Peanut is an absolute awesome person to work with. She helped design my game Mythflow's website when the game was still around. She was an excellent communicator, very professional, and knew exactly what I needed. 

On the off chance, would you be interested in sub-contracted work at an hourly rate? I mostly do front-end design/graphic design in my city and I'm hoping to bid for larger projects (municipal, etc.). I am interested in forming a design studio in early/mid 2018. Most of my clients pay me by the hour to start. I'm based in Canada though so I'm not sure how this would work. I mostly work within the environmental industry and with start-ups/social ventures. 

But let me know if you would be interested, since I don't know many reliable developers in my network. I'm hesitant to hire or interview developers to work with/for me if I don't know them that well. :)


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Thank you very much for the compliment! :) I am always available via Skype and it is the easiest way to get a hold of me!

Honestly, I would be very interested in that opportunity. What is your Skype username? Would you need me to do the back-end development or would I be doing front-end as well? I guess we could discuss details over Skype! I'm not sure how that would work with you being located in Canada, but we could look into it!

And that's exactly how I am. I like to hire contractors that are a part of communities that I'm apart of.

Thank you!



PS: Sorry for not getting back to your earlier! I don't log onto these forums very often! But I'm always on Skype whether I'm on my computer or my phone!

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