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Looking for Artists for Adoptables


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Hello All,

So as we get near the release of the Adoptables for the forums, I need to get some Artists working on, well, some.. Adoptables :o 

Here are the specs:

  • 256x256
  • 3 stages to an adoptable, first stage is an Egg, other two stages can be up to artist.
  • Style should be cell shaded, as it will be hard to be too detailed in such as small canvas size.

I personally love the style seen in Pokemon or even Neopets, as they are clean and expressive for the most part.

Prices are negotiable as long as reasonable, but also note that Adoptables are released here on the forums, and available to other members. You will also receive full attribution as the creator of the adoptable. If interested, reach out to me via PM, or reply to this thread.

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You say you're looking for cell-shaded, but those Bulbasaur examples you posted in your adoptables feature development thread are not cell-shaded. The shading is blended. Does that mean you're not looking for something like that Bulbasaur but instead something like a pet on Rescreatu: http://www.rescreatu.com/petinfo/Berrok/ (maybe with less realism but at least that style as far as the eggs go)


I personally like the soft-shading of the Bulbasaur. I feel like it suits this forum.


256 by 256px may seem somewhat small, but to me that feels like a big size for adoptables, keeping in mind that most pet sites have their main pets at 200 by 200px. The larger the size, the more work and time it takes to complete them. I would consider going with a smaller size if you want a wide variety of adoptables, because they would be easier to produce (and if you are paying for art, less expensive). If I remember correctly, people price 200 by 200px pet art around $20 for each if you want one with a good amount of detail. But if you're looking for an "item size" pet around 100 by 100px, you can get an image for $5 or maybe even $3 per image as a bundle.


I could potentially do some of these for you if I knew more about the style you're looking for. But I wouldn't want payment, because I don't know how quickly you'd see a return. I will PM you.


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If you decide to bring it down to 200x200px or less that might work out well. Either way but definitely takes up less space and easier to get cheaper art done. But I don't think it's a big deal, just a nod of agreement over here. =D 

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2 hours ago, Kesstryl said:

I would be interested.  Are there any particular species you are looking for?  I can send some digital samples privately.  I do have one piece online here where you can at least see that I can do digital art https://portraitadoption.com/portrait.php?id=2710

and my website here:


I would be happy to see additional work.

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Hiyah, if you need any more critters for the Adoptables, let me know and I'd love to create some for you. Creatures are quite the specialty of mine and I'm sure I can come up with some awesome ideas for you.

I'm also good at backgrounds and pixels! 

You can check out my deviantart gallery, which has the best and most recent selections of my work // There's a tab off to the left side labeled as pixels if you wish to view some pixel exampls

Aminirus Deviantart Gallery


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