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Developer, QA and Data specialist bringing your ideas to life

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Hello community of The Gaming List!

About Me:
I'm a developer and quality analyst with 5 years of experience in mobile and web development, automated testing, and database management. 

What I Bring to the Table:
Strong programming skills in Python, Go, Javascript 
Experience with AWS, MongoDB, SQL, Azure, Sentry, and other cloud services.
QA technical skills and expertise in Selenium
Mastery in collaborative tools such as: Trello, Jira, Git, Postman
A knack for problem-solving and collaboration.

How I Can Help:
I'm eager to contribute and be part of something meaningful. Whether you're a solo developer with a dream project or a small team pushing towards a goal, I'd love to chat. Maybe you're working on a personal project, and an extra pair of hands could make a difference?

Let's Collaborate:
If you have a project, goal, or just want to bounce ideas around, let's connect. I'm open to freelance gigs, collaborations, or even just a friendly chat about tech and projects.
Feel free to drop me a message here or on discord, and let's explore how we can work together!

Discord: Luxortomon#6010

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You can post it in the "marketplace" channel.  I would go to your profile on TGL and add your Discord account information so that it gets linked, so then your username will be updated and you get the "Verified" role.

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