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Khimeros on Aethria - Map Reveal and Info!


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Couple of notes first:

**All information posted as news is current as of now.  This does not mean that we may not change things in the future should staff come up with new ideas that we feel would be an improvement on our current plans!**

**If you have not followed our NEW facebook page yet, we encourage you to do so!  Our original page has been lost so we will not be able to post updates there any longer, so if you would like facebook updates with exclusive sneak peeks, please follow and like THIS page.


The map for Khimeros Caldera on Aethria is ready for its reveal!



What's this?  Why is Khimeros on Aethria, isn't Khimeros a site of its own??

Khimeros is indeed a site of its own, but in site lore, Aethria is a realm that floats in the clouds above Khimeros.  Therefore, we thought it would be fun to include a little piece of Khimeros within Aethria!  This map shows the Khimeros Caldera, the highest point of land on Khimeros and the only landmass high enough to pierce Aethria's cloud layer.  The landmass is nestled in the caldera of a massive extinct volcano and features an inland fresh water sea with islands,  as well as various ecosystems along the perimeter of the caldera wall.

But Khimeros' pet and item art style are very different from Aethria's, how will this work?

All NPCs, pets and items that make their way up through the clouds of aquos undergo a transformation into Aethria style!  This means we can include some of the more popular assets from Khimeros as part of Aethria while re-creating them in Aethria's art style.  Many of Khimeros' backdrops and environmental deco assets  match well with Aethria's backdrop style so we will be able to offer those as well.  We will have a few examples of pets and items to show you soon!

What kind of pets will be available from Khimeros Caldera and how will you get them?

Pets from Khimeros Caldera will be available by a system we refer to as "Unique Khims".  The term "Khim" will refer to all pets available from Khimeros Caldera whether they originated as Khimeras or Khimbits on the Khimeros mainland.  Each rotation will feature a different Khim pet base.  Each pet will be uniquely hand-colored, so that no two are alike!  We generally cater the number of these pets released each rotation to the level of site activity - on Khimeros this means that we release several hundred free pets to be gained via site activities each rotation, and as many "cash shop" versions as people are interested in purchasing.

In addition, we'll release a series of collectable colors for those whose hearts are warmed by completing each collection ;)

What kind of activities will be available in the Khimeros Caldera?

Currently we have plans for item foraging/trash collecting, hourly dice rolling mini game, as well as collecting and trading pets and pet "deco" (Deco will be explained in the Features section of our main game post - keep watching for that!) plus some other activities still waiting to be assigned to their respective Lands :)

Item and pet previews for Khimeros Caldera will be posted soon, so keep watching!





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