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**News has been updated August 15**


Aethria is a browser-based "Virtual World" or "Virtual Petsite" where members can create/collect "companions" (pets), engage in various site activities to gain currency and items, and create unique environments for their companions to inhabit using our "Deco" system. We also have all the basics that one would expect in a browser-based game of this kind - forums, private messaging, live chat, etc.


The worldmap for the Land of Aluriya

What is the world of Aethria like?

Aethria is a world in the sky, where different lands are comprised of groups of islands floating in clouds of a misty substance called aquos. Unlike most game sites where different lands are essentially the same except for a difference in themed items that can be obtained, Aethria's lands each have a unique combination of lore, available activities, items and the method of obtaining Companions. However, items obtained in each land can be used across the entire site!



"Hunting Swift" companion and Savannah backdrop from the Land of Calligra

What kind of pets are available and how do you get them?

Pets on Aethria are collectively called "Companions". Each land within the world of Aethria has a different type of companion that is obtainable in a different way. While we do try to keep the overall style of pets within a certain range of similarily, we will offer more variety than might normally be expected within a single site. For example, Calligra and Aluriya's companions might be considered a little more realistic while Seraphel's pets would be considered more "chibi" style. We hope this will mean there is something for everyone!


Items available from the forest foraging area in the Land of Khimeros

Fun fact: while khimeros is a separate site of its own, in Aethria lore, the "world" of Aethria is in fact a realm of floating islands in the clouds that float above the world of Khimeros.  While the art style of Aethria is very different, it will feature a miniature Land of Khimeros -  the only landmass that connects the ethereal world above to the solid ground below.  The Land of Khimeros inhabits the caldera of an enormous extinct volcano that towers into the sky and thus thrusts up into Aetheria's realms!  While Khimeros natives may find some familiar creatures, landscapes and items, all will be rendered in Aethria style to match the rest of the site.

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@Zrcalo Aluriya is being included as one "Land" within Aethria, and Aethria is still set within the same realm that Aluriya was set in.  Aethria's art is being handled by the same team that handles Khimeros' art - Hibbary is still the lead artist who creates the pets and backdrops,  and we have folks like Trippy and TehTwi helping out with some of the item art.

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