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Rip Neopets 2001 - 2011

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Well I am officially done with Neopets its deader than a door nail. I had many great memories of the site but I distance myself from pretty much any social communication at the time. So yeah while made tons of np i missed out on the social communication aspect and lost many years of my childhood on it. *sigh* Still the fun was good while it lasted. When 2011 hit I become much more social of a person and so Neopets kind of fell by the wayside. Fanfiction and Deviantart became my two favorite sites. I didn't know how bad the site got till just last night. I just wish I had found out about this sooner. Its just changed too much for me to continue with it and I feel bad for the users on the site as well who have no other place besides that place. :(

Neopets still thinks it is the only trick pony in town but now its kind of aged to the point where other younger sites are more friendlier and better then the original site. In some ways I feel it be better if they just close their doors and just open source the code for everyone to look at. After several different teams tried to make it better I don't hold much stock that this new team will fair any better. Even if they do I don't think I will come back, its just not worth my time anymore to visit that place. I feel kind of bad to think this way but Neopets had a good run. It helped me through childhood.

I don't think I can say much more about it without crying about it. I will miss you old friend, thank you for the wonderful memories.

Bolt Greywing

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