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Found 6 results

  1. Lots of the pet sites that we have today stem from Neopets, either people started their "pet site career" there, or on a site inspired by what Neopets has done. Recently, I found two new projects that are being built (with Patreon supporters) which I find really interesting. They are rebuilding the Classic Neopets site. They are: Neopets Classic: https://neopetsclassic.com/ Modern Neopets: https://www.moderneopets.com/ I'm very curious though if Neopets would just shut them down because it's a direct copy of their old site. What do you think about these clones?
  2. It was discovered that Overpowered was selling Neopets merch - and it was confirmed to be official! It currently only contains four species as enamel pins and keychains, but an editorial question has confirmed that virtual prize codes will soon be attached to them. https://overpowered.life/collections/neopets
  3. Can you believe it? The pet site most of us started on and grew up with is now 18! Despite this milestone, nothing extra special was released so far this week (except for a free NC Mall goodie bag), but they are gearing up for their first plot in years that should happen any day now. Jumpstart has hired a full time HTML5 developer and have begun revamping the old Flash games behind the scenes in preparation for 2020 when Flash won't be supported anymore, they've added a 5th (6th for Premium users) pet slot, and acknowledged that a new layout is definitely needed. What are some fond memories you have on Neopets, and what do you hope for in the future?
  4. This long requested feature is now a reality! Also if you haven't been keeping up on Neo lately, there's a battle-related plot (an actual plot!) set to start around November.
  5. During the month of June, Neopets had their annual Altador Cup (which Kiko Lake won again after winning last year). From feedback, they tried a new scoring and cheater detection system. It wasn't all successful, but the new Neopian Times editor, Scrappy, has really made an effort to answer questions and help in the community where she can. Before the final rounds, she posted a thread in the boards to answer questions (which apparently hasn't been done in a LONG time) and could be seen occasionally commenting in other Cup and suggestions threads. Just recently, she posted a thread in the suggestion forum specifically dedicated to hearing what the players want! This thread reached the max 25 pages in about 2 hours. One thing that was teased at was the possibility of a battle based plot, soon. (this time for real soon) Something that may help or delay this is a recent aquisition of JumpStart by NetDragon, who was very interested with their IP (specifically mentioning Dreamworks and School of Dragons) http://www.pocketgamer.biz/asia/news/66139/netdragon-buys-jumpstart/ --- I always have a soft spot for the game that started it all, so monitoring its news is interesting! What do you think will happen to Neopets?
  6. Well I am officially done with Neopets its deader than a door nail. I had many great memories of the site but I distance myself from pretty much any social communication at the time. So yeah while made tons of np i missed out on the social communication aspect and lost many years of my childhood on it. *sigh* Still the fun was good while it lasted. When 2011 hit I become much more social of a person and so Neopets kind of fell by the wayside. Fanfiction and Deviantart became my two favorite sites. I didn't know how bad the site got till just last night. I just wish I had found out about this sooner. Its just changed too much for me to continue with it and I feel bad for the users on the site as well who have no other place besides that place. Neopets still thinks it is the only trick pony in town but now its kind of aged to the point where other younger sites are more friendlier and better then the original site. In some ways I feel it be better if they just close their doors and just open source the code for everyone to look at. After several different teams tried to make it better I don't hold much stock that this new team will fair any better. Even if they do I don't think I will come back, its just not worth my time anymore to visit that place. I feel kind of bad to think this way but Neopets had a good run. It helped me through childhood. I don't think I can say much more about it without crying about it. I will miss you old friend, thank you for the wonderful memories. Bolt Greywing
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