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Hey there everyone!  I'm Kelly and I'm a graphic artist, designer, and animator.  I go by Kellaymarie on other websites, such as VPL, so some of you may know me already.  I am posting here in case anybody is interested in my work and art style.   I am currently a PBC artist at Aywas.  I was previously an official staff artist at PetAdoptables for many years, and I volunteered a bit at Goatlings to do some HA art.  

Feel free to contact me here for more details about my work.  You can also easily reach me at my email address
[email protected]

Also feel free to check more of my work at my website

- - -

Item Artwork - $3 - 5 each
price depends on amount of  size of item and art style

Items done for PetAdoptables.com

Human Avatar Clothing & Accessory Items - $3 - $10
pricing depends on complexity and size of each individual item.  

The base in the first image rows were not done by me.  All clothing, accessories, and bottom (boy & girls with red hair) and right base were drawn by me.

Top left HA Accessories done for PetAdoptables.com

Pet Illustration Work - $20 - $30
price depends on amount of recolors, size, and art style.


Done for Aywas.com and PetAdoptables.com

Background Illustrations - $30 - $50
price depends on complexity, size, and style.  
more detailed, paint-style, backgrounds can be found at my website



Backgrounds done for PetAdoptables.com

Short Animations - $20 - $50
price depends on complexity, art style, and duration

icon_finished.gif.aa27ca03ddc3d2efac662857e65d8e08.gif    aywas1.gif.6a5a1449e8c9c5df1b22991bdce727be.gif

- - -

I can work in a variety of different art styles and am interested in a variety of different projects, not just limited to illustration and animation.  I have some web design, video editing,  and 3D modeling experience.  I am also proficient in HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript code.  

You can see a collection of all of my work, including more of my design and animation work at my website portfolio.

- - -
Check me out on other social media!




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