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Inkborne, Seraphel, Aluriya. What do YOU want to see.


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Some of you may remember an old site (Aluriya) that died and a couple of new sites that were being worked on (Inkborne, Seraphel) but were stymied do to lack of a programmer.

Well, I'm still determined that these concepts are going to see the light of day and also that Aluriya will be revived in some form.



Instead of three sites however, the plan is to create one site with three different Kingdoms/areas within the site themed after Aluriya, Seraphel and Inkborne.  How we envision this working is that along with different pet bases, there will also be different ways that pets are obtained to keep things interesting.  If you are familiar with my current site Khimeros, we'll be adapting some of the activities that have been very popular like growables, the dynamic pet deco system and unique pets/mini pets, but a more popular art style.



We will (hopefully) be using the Aluriya site framework, so all the basics are there like forums, private messages, dynamic pet deco, growables, pet dens, etc. BUT...

In addition to adapting current activities used on Khimeros and Aluriya however, I'd like to know what people are currently looking for in a virtual pet game.  I'd prefer to have features for gaining currency/items etc built into the game rather than for example, having users go play a lot of games like hi/lo, guess the number etc that really don't have much to do with the actual game, as a means of gaining currency.



What kind of activities do you like?  What kind of activities do you not like?  I can say that we already do not use a pet "feeding" system and don't plan to, at least just for the sake of "hunger" stats.  Open to "feeding" activities that achieve actual goals like for example, feeding 10 seasonal foods to get a trophy or whatever. 

I can do a run-down of things that we are already planning (mostly things that are already in place or that we feel can be easily implemented) if people are interested.  I can also post more art previews.  Just post to let me know you'd like to see/read more.



We are still facing issues with securing reliable programmers on a regular basis so I am not able to give out any kind of timeline, but I do have someone who is currently willing to help out with small things/glitch fixes at the moment, so hopefully we can at least move ahead slowly.




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Gorgeous art! :) I especially love that hedgehog pet!!!! <3

What I'm looking for in a pet game is something to keep me occupied and having a goal to work towards. There are so many games out there where all you do is go on the site, feed your pets, and maybe battle around a bit. (I'm happy to hear you won't have the pet feeding addition in your game). I want to be working towards getting a new exclusive pet, or getting my pet to a certain level to gain a specific achievement, or having dailies that don't make me feel that I HAVE to come back to the site. Neopets had the avatar collection to work towards and that was very rewarding, but I don't see many sites doing anything like that anymore. Even if it's just something as simple as destroy 100 items of garbage to get an achievement that I can show off to everybody, I would keep coming back to play.

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I do have an idea that I'd like to develop whereby each user has their own sort of "scrapbook" that every month is added to according to their achievements that month, like collecting all the monthly items from quests, or getting a trophy for participating in a monthly event, etc.  We could have feeding achievements but totally optional so you get an achievements for feeding all the valentine's day special foods or whatever, but you don't HAVE to feed to keep your pet's health up for example.

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Glad to see you made it over to TGL and that this projects will be continuing in some manor. Aluriya was pretty cool, joined when it was the free version and absolutely love Inkborne's art so would enjoy having it in the a game. Have no experience with Seraphel however. No comment on what I want in a site. I do not have a ton of time for games in general, so will probably only be a casual check things out sometimes player regardless. I do like the currency being earnable by playing versus separate mini games though.

That is too bad not being able to find a reliable programmer. 

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I remember being really excited for Seraphel, I believe? Was that the game where the pets were supposed to grow / gain their colors and stuff over time? God, it was a long time ago on VPL now so I might not be remembering it right, but that concept of surprise was something that really excited me and I wanted to see it happen. 

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Yes, we have actually used the "growable" feature on khimeros and aluriya and it's one of my favourite features though there's a little tinkering to be done on the back end to make it something that can be used on a large scale (currently ALL images are being retained on the server even when users reject the grown item and send it to "seed" which is filling up the server!).  We are tentatively thinking to use this feature as the method of gaining pets for the Inkborne area of the site.  Basically you have a starter item (seed, blueprint, whatever) that when grown creates a pet with certain colors and markings.  You can then choose to either keep that pet or else "seed" it to grow 1-3 new pets which each will evolve in color.  These tend to multiply at a ferocious rate lol so we need to decide the best way to limit the "finished products" so they don't become too common and thus keep their value.

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