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Summer Art Improvement Goals

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Hey everyone, with my schedule now opened up for summer break - I have a LOT of catching up to do with my art to get it where I want it to go. I figured I'd make this post so you can keep me accountable join in if you also have something art-related you'd like to learn or improve on!

Critique is welcomed in this thread unless otherwise noted by the artist c:

Here's a little agenda of what I plan on doing!

Daily Speedpaints - Ranging from 10-30 minutes (depending on how much time I have or what the piece is) from artists who are masters of color. 
John Singer Sargeant, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Nathan Fowkes, Jason Chan,  Edward Degas, Crag Mullins ... to name a few for starting points.


Studies - Personally, I need to get more comfortable with the human figure, especially portraits. I also want to push expressions and different poses, and practice construction so that I can make wacky stuff on the fly!


Large Pieces - I also want to devote time to making a few larger pieces with developmental work, not only as a checkup but also for a portfolio.



I don't want to end up double posting every day with new stuff (or rather, just editing my old post), so be sure to post along with me! :D 

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3 hours ago, Pepper-Head said:

Thanks @Digital! If you ever find time to pixel or try drawing, you're welcome to post it here <3 

@Elm The summer can feel very short when you have a lot to focus on! What were you planning to improve on? 

Thank you so much @Nate , I couldn't agree more ^^

I'll be doing a series of 2D drawings, painting studies and 3D work! Also trying to do a bit more technical and do a game prototype towards the end of summer depending on how things go. I just really want to up skills, for a nice surprise next year.

Also need to clean up my online presence and rebrand myself. Much to do!

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