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Interview With Creator of "In the Dark"!


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Matt Thompson is the creator of a Steam game called "In the Dark" that has just been Greenlit!

(Check out the game here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912663128)




1. Can you tell us a little bit about the game?

The most basic premise of this game is a horror story told from the point of view of a blind character. The main character, who's real name is never revealed, wakes up at the beginning of the game after having suffered from a severe concussion, destroying his sight, as well as muddling his memories. Meanwhile, a young girl by the name Ester helps to lead him through the world, avoiding monsters and horrid set on killing the player. The game's plot deals with themes or perception versus reality, guilt and forgiveness, and percussion. The game play has been described by a few as link to the past style game play with a horror feel. The game forces you to discover the map by "feeling" around a blank map, revealing objects as you come across them. A few objects are revealed by their sounds, while others are revealed by Ester pointing them out. Using the information, the player must piece together enough of the map to survive.



2. Your game got successfully funded on Kickstarter. Are there any suggestions you can give for a successful Kickstarter?

The vast majority of backers were people I personally contacted, friends and family who wanted to help me succeed. It actually wasn't until my Kickstarter made its goal that I saw a significant number of people I didn't know contribute. However, "have nice friends who are willing to give you money" is not something that is easily changed in time for a Kickstarter run, so make sure you are contacting and networking long in advance.




3. How long did you work on the game?

This game was first conceived 4 years ago, when I first learned the basics of game design. Unfortunately I did not have the skill set at the time to finish the game, so it went in the wayside for a few years until last Fall, when I went back to working on it full force. I have been working on it ever since, with people coming in and out to help as needed.




4. How big was your team?

Our team has been entirely comprised of freelancers or one-time contractors. At its smallest, the team was just myself in my room for several weeks. At the busiest point, I had 5 other people working on different aspects of the game at a time.




5. What was your role in the project?

I have been acting as head of development, which for a large part meant I was doing everything, from programming, to composing music, to writing the script, to marketing and advertising. Some of the roles I have given to others, mostly art, voice acting, and marketing related fields where I do not have any training or experience. Everything else has been my work.




6. If you could go back and give yourself advice on creating this game, what would it be?

The biggest advice I would give myself I'm not sure if I should be saying on here, because it involves financial planning mistakes I made fairly early on. I will say, for those wanting to start at a game, make sure you have everything planned out, and know everyone you are expecting to work with


7. When is your game going to be released?

Our game is expecting to be released July 31st of this year.


Check out the game below:

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912663128

Blog: https://inthedark.blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InTheDarkTheGame


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