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Rep your trophies, you know you wanna!


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Announcing Trophies

So Trophies are now rewarded for achieving certain goals here on the boards. They will appear like a medal will, under your name on the posts (only on desktop as mobile has limited room). These trophies, although now basic will soon be expanded to include many more features and rewards including trophies for participating in game clubs, adoptables, and other things around the forums.

Right now they are rewarded for posting and creating topics. You earn trophies right now for:


  • 50posts.png 50 posts
  • 100posts.png 100 posts
  • 250posts.png 250 posts
  • 500posts.png 500 posts
  • 1000posts.png 1,000 posts
  • 2000posts.png 2,000 posts

Creating Topics

  • 50topics.png 50 topics
  • 100topics.png 100 topics
  • 250topics.png 250 topics
  • 500topics.png 500 topics
  • 1000topics.png 1,000 topics
  • 2000topics.png 2,000 topics

Keep following for more updates, as shortly some new ones will be released for reputation and likes. I wanted to shout out to @LIZ who was commissioned to draw up these wonderfully awesome little trophies.

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New Trophies added for Reputation

Remember, you gain reputation on the board by people liking or reacting to your posts or content. These are earned by gaining reputation.

  • liked.png 10 reputation
  • wellliked.png 50 reputation
  • revered.png 100 reputation
  • exalted.png 300 reputation

So, remember to :heart: LIKE posts you see, as you help other achieve this, and hopefully they will help you also achieve these.

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