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It's been a long time coming, but some updates are finally here!

  1. I’ve migrated servers (not that this really affects anything). But it’s now back in a state that I’m able to fairly easily push out updates for the site.
  2. Voting page now lets you know if there is metadata being sent back to the site you are voting for (only purpose of this is in order to get credit for your votes)
  3. Reviews now show up to 3 reviews at a time for the site, refreshing will grab a different list if there are more available.
  4. For site owners: the ability to use a URL or directly upload images (in bulk or one at a time) I’m going to be working on getting the sister site for all artwork up soonish.

But in the meanwhile let me know if you have any suggestions for making it better!

Also - DM me if you are interested in helping to maintain information about past sites.

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Two small things added this morning:

  1. A progress bar when uploading multiple items so you see where it is in the process
  2. A bunch of quick actions that you can take when uploading images in bulk (found from having to manually add the text a lot of times)


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