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Sites or resources you found useful when learning digital art?


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There are thousands of tutorials across the internet, all with varying opinions on what you should and shouldn't do along with many stylistic choices. A lot of it is neat, but doesn't really stick for me. I find tutorial sources that are more like mentors or have frequent tutorials/courses to be the most helpful.

I treat myself to TamberElla's $5 Patreon reward which gives 2 tutorials, PSDs, and now a guaranteed brush kit each month. If I remember right, she went to RISD and left because she was capable of teaching herself. I feel a lot of her tutorials echo and support what I'm learning at SCAD (which has been the most helpful to me, by far)

I also bought lifetime access to Digital Painting Academy when it first launched and was on super sale! It has foundation courses and worksheets, monthly tutorials, and frequent workshops. I haven't actually had much time to delve into it like I want, but I think it'd be good for foundations and especially realistic rendering of portraits. Though I'd recommend trying it out for a month first!

Sometimes the best teacher is yourself though! You can learn so much by doing master copies and studies! I recently started speedpainting and did these in 10 mins each. I learned a LOT about atmosphere, vibrancy, and especially how color can affect all areas of paintings. (Something photographs have a hard time capturing.) 


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