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What environments get your artistic or creative talents going?


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Thank you for the ping!
Generally, it's later at night when creativity strikes me. So its usually pretty quiet and secluded at that time A very calming, comfortable, and peaceful environment helps a lot. I always listen to music when I draw as well! I enjoy fast melodies and instrumental music, it keeps my mind busy but still allows me to focus on what I'm working on. 
If I need to draw, like a commission for example, I'll typically sketch some things on a 2000x2000 sheet to warm-up and get some muse before I actually start working on what I need to work on.

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Music mostly for me and not music with words, just sound music. Usually something a bit upbeat or with a tempo to it to make me feel like I'm going at a decent pace and flow. Otherwise, if I'm home alone and the birds are singing, I just open the window and get going. 

For me, in order to get in the zone, I have to enjoy what I do and not feel pressured into doing it. I have a whole system worked out as to how to schedule myself and work through things so I can get more "in the zone" moments and less acting like a dog getting distracted by every passing squirrel. My fiance also recently made me a fidget spinner thingy since we have a 3D printer, so whenever I need to think or get back into focus, I can play with that for a couple seconds and I feel my brain gets back into the task at hand. 

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