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Cartoon cell shading or realistic


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Personally, I enjoy doing cell shaded work mostly because it doesn't take as long to do and can still produce a clean, crisp image that is easy to identify. Since I also do a lot of graphic novels, cell shading works the best for this, especially when transferring from online reading to a physical book. I do like realistic stuff, don't get me wrong, but for some things, it's not really necessary.

I practice my realism of course, but it can be time consuming and requires a lot of detail. These days, time is a luxury for me so I have to spend it wisely and thus, cell shading means I can get more done and still have some time left to do more or even just relax for the rest of the time.

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I enjoy toying with various different cartoon styles, there's just so much more freedom with it, its the most aesthetically pleasing to me, and I really enjoy it. I have to agree with Aminirius, realistic can be more time consuming, but I think the same can be said the other way around depending on how much detail you actually put into your piece. 

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