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Who here is a game owner?


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21 hours ago, SingSong said:

As you know, Judda and I own the in-development game HellKeepers. Judda also owns Icepets. I wouldn't mind some kind of interview if you want to do one. 

I will shoot the questions to you in a Message :) 

17 minutes ago, Pepper-Head said:

I'm about to launch my own game, Kasaria, if you were interested in an interview for that!

Awesome, I will also shoot you over a message as well!

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20 hours ago, PaulSonny said:

I used to run a pet site called BooPets but it is no longer around.

I have worked on MANY petsites and currently involved in the development of a handful of in-development games.

If you'd be interested in giving an interview, I can send over the questions for you? May need to adjust the questions a bit since you have worked on many, but that won't be an issue.

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24 minutes ago, Regnant said:

I currently own two games: a small click-adoptable site (pretty basic), and a bigger exploring-based site which I'm actually looking for someone to take over.

Would you be willing to do a quick 7 question interview about your experiences with both sites?

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