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This week I graduated with my second degree (this time in web programming) and I have this site to thank for helping me make the decision to go back to school.
After I graduated with my art degree, I found my way here and was advertising my services as a VPS artist. Since the early neopets days I've always wanted to have a VPS of my own, but back end development always seemed like something that I would never be able to understand. I instead wanted to settle for trying to work on the art team / freelancer for other Game Owner's VPS. However, seeing others here developing their own sites from a beginner level and helping each other out made me realize that I too could learn!

Now I can do art, front end development, and back end development. I can move forward with my dream of making my own VPS!
Thanks, TGL for inspiring me to go back and learn programming. 💖


Now, unfortunately, the only thing standing in my way from moving forward is the backlog of commission work I've accumulated over the last two months because of school. 😅 But as soon as I'm caught up I plan on diving into official development!!
I don't plan on doing any creative planning for a while, and instead want to build a sort of strong backbone of code/database first before I start to think about the creative direction of the game. For other game owners/those with experience, I am wonder what is the best thing to start with in development regarding code/database structure?

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Firstly <3 I'm really happy we inspired you in this way!

@batThe best advice I can give is just make sure you are using migrations to stand up your database changes (and tear them back down if need be).  You will go through multiple iterations of the database structure (each time it could change slightly).  There are "best practices" you should follow, but don't necessarily let learning all of them slow you down/stop the process altogether ... at this phase you just need to learn more about your problem domain, and everything that needs to be done.

As for where to start, if you use a framework like Laravel, it comes with a handful migrations for user data out of the box, so that's a good place to start.  And if you looking to build it from hand, I would still say look at their samples as a "good place to start" (https://github.com/laravel/laravel/tree/9.x/database/migrations).

Our Discord has a bunch of developers on it who love to help so hop on in and we can also chat there!


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