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Welcome to TGL, here are some Helpful Tips!


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Welcome to The Gaming List, here are some Helpful Tips!


This thread is to point newer and existing members to different areas of the site to understand all the community features and goodies. Hopefully it directs you in the right direction so you become interested in our community and participate with us. We hope that you find our community a great place to be, and that you feel always welcome to participate!

Make this your place

Rules aside, there are a few things that we hope you'll do around this place. They are:

  • Don't be afraid to ask 'stupid questions'. Someone else will learn from every stupid question that you ask.
  • Be positive and constructive.
  • Share your challenges and wins.
  • Share your mistakes and subsequent learning.
  • Share your plans, strategies and goals.
  • Tell us about events that you're planning on attending.
  • Offer your feedback on what happens here. This community belongs to all of us.

Your Participation Counts

We're all about reciprocity. We'll help you with your plans and goals, and we'll celebrate your wins. In return we ask that you help influence the future of this community by choosing to start (and engage in) discussions that make this community an interesting place to be.

Use the Like button

Fairly self-explanatory... but incredibly awesome :heart: 

Additional things to check out:

  • Community Guidelines
    You should read our Community Guidelines. They provide our rules and guidelines so everyone is kept save, and our community thrives and is kept positive.
  • New Member Introductions
    When you joined, you received an introduction message from @Digital. There was also a topic posted in our New Member Introductions forum just for you where other members will be saying hello. Be sure to go say hello in return!
  • Forum Adoptables
    If you are interested in the Forum Adoptables game, you will find the topic with information to get started on our Forum Adoptables Guide.
  • Looking for Work?
    If you are an Artist, Programmer, Writer, and you are interested in selling your goods on the forums, be sure to check our Core Member Guide to learn how to get your User Group designation.
  • Want to just Chat?
    Just going us on Discord, here is the invite link. Discord is a free chat service that we hang out in, it has clients for browser, desktop, and mobile devices.

If you ever have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to use the Support section, or Message @Digital directly. We want you to have the greatest experience you can here!

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