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For Sale: ChibiPaws


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Hi all! 

I'm Jared and I am the last remaining owner of the once-popular pet site "ChibiPaws". It has been out of development for quite some time now because I simply do not have the time to work on it. It has been a one-man show for the most part. Therefore, I'm looking to sell it on to owners that are more willing to put the time and effort into the development of the site. 

As the site stands, it is not open to the public for use since it is not fully completed. However, all important aspects such as the user system, pet system, item system, forums, admin center, support ticketing, etc, are 95-100% completed. There are also some games completed. There are tons of items, pets, and other images still available for use. 

There is actually still users checking up on the site every so often, so I know the user base is still aware that the site exists but I, sadly, cannot provide the same experience as before. 

The entirely of the databases, files, and domain are included in this sale. If anyone is interested, please let me know. You can contact me here for the easiest response. 

Website: https://www.chibipaws.com/ 

- Jared

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