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April's Referral Contest Winners!


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Aprils Refer-A-Friend Winners have been announced. With this being a huge contest, with over $50 in real prizes going out, and a combined $30 in store credits to participants, this has been our largest contest so far, and I love it.

Congratulations to @runeowl for 1st place in referring new members! @Pepper-Head for second place, and @Anoua for third place!

Congratulations to our store credit earners, who have earned our store credits by getting at least a few referrals during the contest: @glitch, @tiff, and @chutkat.

I will be reaching out to the top 3 winners to get them their Amazon rewards, and all accounts will receive their store credits shortly. Right now the store credits are limited since we have minimal uses, but that will change over the next few weeks.

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The 3 winners have received their Adoptable, the adorable Fawsh, provided courtesy of @Aminirus.



All the participants have also received their store credits and prizes. Again, great thanks to all who participated, it means a lot to me, and to TGL to have such supportive members! You all rock!

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