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Eqcetera: ? Shetland Pony Redo & HoFa Transition


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Hello everyone and happy few days until HoFa!


? Breed Redo: Shetland Pony!




Surprise! Today, the redo of Shetland Ponies has come a bit early. We figured it would be more fun for all to have a few days before HoFa transitioned to enjoy the new Shetland Pony art.


? Grade Images

Several grade horse images have now been completed! Congrats to players Holli, Raine, WildBrumby, LilCat, Daria, and Shokubeni on their hard work!!


Arabian: Palomino, Golden Palomino, Leopard, Varnish Roan, Light Palomino, Cremello - complete Seal Buckskin


Clydesdale: Classic Champagne, Leopard, Blanket, Varnish Blanket, Varnish Roan, Golden Palomino, Chocolate Palomino, Buckskin, Tobiano, Overo, Splash White


Shetland: Varnish Blanket, Varnish Roan


Fjord: Pearl, Varnish Roan, Varnish Blanket


⚙️ Ingot Sale


As a reminder, ingots are  on sale for up to 35% off! Included in the ingot sale, we have brought back packages which include spectral and magic token sacks. The ingot sale will run for today until October 15th, 11:59 PM EST/ gametime. 


The Transfer

We will begin the transfer to Horse Fable on October 16th at 10 AM EST/ gametime. We expect downtime to be roughly 5 or so hours, but this could take longer. This means no one will be able to access the Eqc site and a message will direct you to HoFa once we are live.


During the transfer time we will be chatting on the HoFa Discord and hosting a few games. Be sure to join us over there! 


? What Moves Over?

All horses, ingots, items, currency, etc. will move. Anything on your account will move over to HoFa except EXP. 


? New Things!

HoFa has many new things, but they will be slowly released from October 16th - November 6th. This is to ensure the game plays as it did before and is bug free before we add in the big new features. When you are able to log into HoFa, you will notice a very new layout and navigation changes. There will also be several newer features for you to see such as a few quality-of-life edits (mass unequip) and more!


? The Eqc Discord

The Eqc Discord will be archived and a mass message sent to everyone with the invite link to the new HoFa server. When on the HoFa server, you will have to follow directions to be able to join and view all message channels. This also applies to everyone currently on the server. Please note, as we transition some channels, it may take awhile for some to go live such as crossbreed campaign channels. It may take a few hours to edit the server to display all channels for you properly, but we will be working to get it back to our usual!


? Patience is Key!

Bedouin and I are a team of 2 working to move a massive number of files and a huge code base. Although the massive amount of coffee we will consume should keep us on our toes, we ask during the transfer for everyone to hold off on any non-emergency messages or emails.  On the 16th, we will mostly be away trying to ensure everything is running smoothly and everything moves over properly. We thank everyone for your patience while we are going through such a wild time! We would have never gotten this far without you all, and we are glad you have stayed with us during this transition. If we are greatly needed during the transition, please contact a moderator via Discord or email [email protected]


If anyone has questions between now and the transition, feel free to comment below, on Discord, or via email.



Bedouin & Curly

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