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Pocket Puma Pets: Upcoming Changes


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We have been busy behind the scenes! A huge rewrite of the back-end has been underway for months and is rapidly approaching. It is currently in its last phases of testing and tweaking, but isn't quite ready for live yet.

We don't have an ETA yet for the update.

So! What is this update going to do?

The update will:
- Improve site security
- Include some quality of life changes
- Enable more control over various features for administrators
- Make it much much faster and easier for us to develop features going forward

Ideally most of these changes are happening invisibly-- your gameplay should not be impacted and P3 should run as normal.

Some changes however, do impact gameplay and I would like to detail these before the update happens, so you know what to expect!

Pin the Tail on the Puma

One upcoming change to the site includes retiring the Pin the Tail game from the site. :'( This feature was hardly ever used and functioned only as another random profile click.

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