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New Forum Adoptable and Game List Releases


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So, I have released the small updates from last week to the boards, below is a small changelog (apologies on the brevity, I am typing this up rather late at night):


  • Under the Browse > Adoptables, you will find our Adoptables Codex, which shows you all released pets, including a description, artist, and a very small sampling of the evolutions. This page will expand in the future to display stats of most popular pet/evolution, etc.
  • New daily mini-game, can you gain the most power in the day. Top 3 people every day get a little boost.
  • Creating a topic rewards more power then just posting in the thread. Use this wisely, but I want everyone to feel free to post topics, not just reply to those already created. This incentives it a little.
  • Added the ability to transfer a pet to another member.

Game List

  • You can now a list of 3 random games on the sidebar. These change on every page load.
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