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Looking to Hire a programmer for Game


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Hi everyone. 

I'm planning a new semi realistic animal SIM game. However unfortunately I can't programme. I am trying to learn and if I find a programmer willing to learn from them along the way if they're willing to help. 

It will include showing,breeding and more. I don't want to get into too much of it right now as I don't want to give anything away. I'm willing to pay for this service. This will be a long-term thing. However I'm a little jubilant as I tried this a few years back and the programmer just went quiet and I lost quite a lot of money. If anyone is willing to go on this project with me. I need them to be serious about it. 

If you are interested. Either reply here or send me a message and let know how much you charge. Etc. 

Thank you

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Welcome @GrumpyRyno I'm very sorry that this happened to you in the past.  We've had a few bad apples over the years, and it was a fair bit more common than I would have hoped, though normally it was the same 1-2 individuals "spreading themselves thin", then going radio silent.

The two developers that come two mind however, have been banned.  So I can hope that this won't happen to you again!

Do you have a rough sense of the requirements that you have for the animal SIM?

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