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Northern Call: Major Art Update


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It's been a long time (and I may have forgotten my original log in info xD)

Northern Call is currently working on a major art update, to allow us to continue to expand the site for our players. This update features 8 total adult poses and 4 pup poses, along with multiple changes such as Alpha's now being able to have mutations, promoting wolves in your pack to the Alpha position and new mutations.


For those not familiar with Northern Call we're a wolf sim with the unique aspect that all our wolves are hand colored. Each wolf is colored with love from our staff, aiming to give players unique and appealing wolves.


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Oh wow, when you guys said you were doing an overhaul, I didn't think it would be such a huge difference. I have to say, while I really loved the original artwork, these new designs look great! Looking forward to seeing this game develop further, you guys clearly have put in a lot of love and hard work.

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