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Sensipets: Happy National Watermelon Day!!


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I about had a breakdown with Human Avatars, but I persisted! And with that have some fun things to share!


Some of you who have been around may have noticed, we have achievements now!! While there are only a handful, we'll be rolling more out as we continue on. To learn more about what you will earn, check out the notifications page and click on the achievement. We'll also be looking at adding these to user profiles in the near future ? 


Animated Human Avatar

With achievements comes rewards - such as animated human avatar items!

While we figure out what to do with the old forums avatars (coughstampscough) we want to continue rewarding players for helping us out.

To make them stand out - they are ANIMATED. While we are still working on optimizing processing times for them, we're excited to see some of you already using them on your avatar. Thank you again to those that have supported us thus far.


Watermelon Sugar ... hi!

It is indeed National Watermelon Day, because - watermelon! Watermelon watermelon watermelon; oh and watermelon. To celebrate we have a few items now stocking in Clothing Inc. However, we think watermelons should be an everyday event, so be on the look out for other watermelon themed items floating about this month!

Watermelon Fascinator Watermelon Glasses


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