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Any petsites you want to critique but still like?

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So recently i've seen a lot of petsites that can use critiquing. So uhh does anyone here wanna critique a site but they still like it, yeah I guess its common but what I most likely hear is "ohhhh this site is the WORST, bad mods, bad eveeerything". 
So anyone with constructive criticism for some petsites? 

The grindddd.. everyone speaks about this. OKay so Dappervolk is lovely but repetitive quests, and you have to grind. Stat gates are torture.
Okay so ways to improve that: 
*When asked to play a minigame make it only x1 
*Stat gates should only go as high as 20 for each stat 

Yes this is in beta, but that is why it needs constructive criticism!
So in Eliyo you start out with 10 coins! But prices for lots of stuff is around 300 coins.. you can earn coins by battling but not as much as you should be getting for the high prices. Im not saying the game should be easy, but it should make people want to stick around. Then you also cant get attached to Elons because to get more pets you need more nest space, simple right? No, because nest space costs Elytes, 50 Elytes to be exact just to expand. Now its already hard to earn coins but now nest space? So you have to sell Elons to get a few new ones, you start out with 5 nest space. Its not enough for a growing player. Elytes are a purchased currency, but not enough players are around to circle Elytes for non-paying members. The only guaranteed way to make money is to sell Elons to an NPC for around 300-600 coins depending on lvl. And also then toys cost around 100-300 coins. And the toys you get in battle are barely interesting to the pet. This makes it hard. There is also a lack of male Elons. And so without being a paying member it hinders your gameplay experience, now yes paying members should get slight advantages and perks but.. it should not hinder the ability of a non-paying members gameplay. 

And also the tutorial is not super obvious, and without the tutorial you do not get any Elons or the breeding herb. And also even with a breeding herb that costs around 300 coins, your OWN Elons are not gaurenteed to breed. RRRR at least make it free to breed your own Elons. 
Okay ways to improve: 
*Start out with 100 coins 
*make it free to breed YOUR own Elons
*reduce prices or get more coins
*start out with 8 nest space (you do get 3 group space for fighting but its not really ideal for storing) 


Exabyss is in its early stages, open beta or something like that. 
Add forums, just do it. Also make the bodies called body 1, body 2, and a non-binary body. Because currently its male & female bodies. 
Ways to fix this: 
*make bodies named body 1 & 2 & 3 (for non-binary) 
*addd forums, any way to communicate!! 


Thanks for listening to my constructive criticism!! ❤️ 

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Hey Eliyo Admin here. @Rose Thanks for the feedback!


I wanted to address a couple points you brought up. 

Nesting Correction

A correction on the nest limitations. Nests have two parameters, nest limit, the max amount the space can hold (essentially the max capacity for the land) and then the actual current space capacity (you own the land but it still needs prepped to hold elons).

To increase your total limit it does cost elytes but the first limit is 200 and that's free. It does cost coins to 'prep the land' and so increase your current capacity. 

The nest paradigm has been pretty confusing for people, so I am working on figuring out ways to make it more clear and intuitive while keeping the same functionality.

Breeding and Herb Usage

While herbs are required for breeding and elons do sometimes refuse to breed (they have personality so sometimes do their own thing) the herbs aren't used up when they refuse to breed.

Tutorial Not Obvious

What would make the tutorial more obvious to you? Currently if you haven't completed it a pop up appears on login and a red 'tutorial' link appears on the side bar until it's complete as well. Or do you just mean the tutorial is inadequate? 

Guaranteed Income and Pricing

Just as a note we do also have a couple mini games that offer a guaranteed income as well. And battling is actually a pretty significant income for many, though you do have to build up in order to get to the higher level arenas to really take advantage of this. We have some quests on a few NPCs as well, though this area is still pretty under developed at the moment so there are only a couple.

FYI you can get food for less than 25 coins and toys less than 50 (though toys do range a bit higher than food being more collectable and also reusable). You do start pretty destitute on purpose as you are impoverished when starting the game from the slums of the city, but I can see why this might be discouraging to some and as well we need to get the story added in there a bit more so that is known.

Anyway thanks for the feedback! We certainly have a long way to go even before I would consider us out of beta and feedback helps us to see what's working and what area needs improvement. 

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Apologies for bringing a topic back from the dead, but I find this topic incredibly intriguing! I've played a LOT of petsites over the years, and there's some I'd critique that I like (i.e. Dappervolk, Ichumon, Aywas) and there's some that I like to critique solely because I didn't like my experience playing it (i.e. Flight Rising, Khimeros, Sylestia). ?


I can make a brief critique on a few sites that I really want to see improve: 


Has the same problems as Tattered World with their quest system. I 100% do not like having to wait every 3 minutes for shops to restock for a quest, because it grinds your feeling of progression to a halt. This is made especially worse if you can't find your item in user shops.

My suggestion would be to have quests that encourage you to play the other features on the site, much like Dragon Quest but on a smaller scale. Have Candy Quest ask for you to feed your pets any type of candy, or have Book/Beauty Quest ask for you to talk on the forums.



Adjust your premium account benefits. It's not right to hide entire maps of your RPG system behind a paywall, or not allow auto-heal at the start of battles. That's how you lose even more newcomers.


Faenaria -

Would like to see more content; more things for you to do with your pet. Maybe a dispatch mode where you send your pets off within the map for a couple of hours and get some nice loot, maybe adventure-exclusive FA items.

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