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**Found what I needed, thank you all!!**

Hello there!

I run an ARPG over on deviantART, and was hoping to commission someone to code a breeding roller in Sheets for my group. We've got all the numbers/percentages already written out, we just lack the know-how to make the coding magic work.

I'm most interested in working with someone who has prior experience, who will be willing to talk to myself and my team as needed to ensure everything is correct, and who has their prices worked out.

Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from y'all!

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job filled
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21 hours ago, TonyWatkinsArt said:

I was looking on here for a while but didn't get any response on here.

This person does ARPG rollers if all you need is a basic roller;


I'm not sure if they're still open for them or not, it was just a resource I found on my journey that wasn't quite what I needed, but maybe it's something you do?

Thanks so much, I wound up finding something! I'll keep that person in mind for any potential future needs. ❤️

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