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Keepers of Eniv - Recode, Recreate, Relaunch!


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In 2017 "World of Eniv" was created as a simple ARPG between friends. In 2019 we started our journey into making this into a fully fledged game. 

2020 put a bit of a stall on development, but we've been working hard and are finally ready to announce our new name and big relaunch. 


What is Keepers of Eniv?

Keepers of Eniv is a free-to-play ARPG meets SIM game. You begin your journey with a single "Enivi", build a herd, and explore and unlock new areas of the world. 



When you start you can choose one of three Enivi clans;

  • The Mighty Ortusi Warriors
  • The Wise Lunaesi Scholars
  • The Magical Vespiri Oracles

Later in the game you can find and unlock more Enivi cultures, like the elusive Druaesi druids, whose bodies are made entirely of living plants.

Build your character and earn points through creative storytelling, sculpture, or painting. You can also play in a traditional SIM game style and earn points through minigames, contests, and our marketplace.

Customization comes in two ways. Traditional SIM game players can have their first Enivi created randomly after selecting a clan and color palette. Artist players can use our Art Packs to create and customize their Enivi with more of a personal touch, though these packs are created with the intent that even a beginning artist can use these and the guide to create their dream Enivi. 

As the game goes on, you can earn and purchase new genes, skins, horns, tails, and more, and apply them to your Enivi to change their profile image. We also have a wide variety of wardrobe and accessory options. As of writing this, we have over 100 customization options, not including recolors.



Companions are pets or familiars that can be equipped to an Enivi to give them special boosts and abilities. Thunderbees will tend to Thunderbee Hives and give honey that increases an Enivi's Combat Power. Void Crows give resistance and an edge against the creatures in the Dark Forest. 

While Companions can be purchased from the shop keep, the more rare and valuable ones are found questing, alchemy, and special events.


Item Collecting and Upgrading

Been having good luck in random events and questing, but have just too many simple items? Combine or upgrade them for more options!

Items can be merged to upgrade into stronger versions of the item they were previously, or into something new entirely. Most items are also wearable and can be easily ported into your Enivi's profile image.


Lore and Locations

The world of Eniv is a wide and wonderous place, and to make it feel that way we've packed it full of colorful lore and locations. Each Enivi clan has their own area, deity, and storytelling. 

The lore behind each of these areas reflects in the illustrations showing it, as well as the Enivi themselves. Whether it's the jungle of the Ortusi or the seaside Vespiri, we're happy to keep you entertained and intrigued by the history of each area.


Backer.png.110cea9fc5aaaa884b6af2a977b4e2fb.png  CommunityLove.png.e473148a1776d5174217e885a0e75b03.png  newgrowth.png.0ae93f412c48335635958a75b6d85bc3.png

Self Care and Giving Back

Keepers of Eniv has always had a larger focus on care for self and community. Many of our achievements, quests, and goals are based around giving back to your local community, taking care of yourself, and taking care of the world around you. These tasks can be as simple as drinking water or picking up trash to something larger like volunteering your time at a soup kitchen or donating to charity. We host regular charity events in which special genes, Enivi, and Companions are released to encourage members to participate.



Our Kickstarter

While the site has much of it's coding and artwork completed, there are still a few assets we'd like to create and some features we'd like to add before our big relaunch. We're also committed to paying our staff at a fair rate, and having as few "volunteers" as possible. If the game sounds like something you'd enjoy, please check out our Kickstarter! Our donation rewards range from a variety of Make-Your-Own character tokens (which allow you to create another Enivi from the clan of your choosing) to special Kickstarter-only skins and companions. 

Don't have funds to help? Please consider joining our Discord Server or following us on Twitter or Instagram. Every little bit helps the game improve. 

We're looking forward to seeing you at the relaunch of Keepers of Eniv!

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I'm back with a few updates!

The Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter is now 35% funded!

We have a (reliable) backer who will fund the rest if we can make it to the $600 mark (60%), so we've added a few additional pieces to tempt everyone into Backing or upping their pledge.

Many of our members are coming from our old community, World of Eniv. They're the owners of our "Legacy" Enivi. For an additional $5 they can get an Enivi Transfer Token, which will allow them to transfer 1 Enivi onto the new base via one of our Official Staff Artists. 

For an additional $10 you can add a Druaesi Make-Your-Own as a reward. An Ancient Sprout will allow you to create your own rare, plant-based Enivi!




We're happy to say that the site is currently up and functional!
The additional features we're adding will likely need to be funded after the KickStarter, though we do have a few currently in the works that we're excited to show off when they're finished.

Currently, all our user profiles, character profiles, links, sign-up, login, shops, and items are all ready to go.


Some new item artwork, gene templates, and site-art has been created and put to use. There are some examples below.






We're really excited for the opportunity to have this game become a reality, and we're so thankful for everyone's support - be it in the form of backing us on Kickstarter or spreading the word. Thank you all so much!

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