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What's your forum?

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I am getting gray hairs trying to attach a forum to my website. I host on SiteGround and implemented SMF. Unfortunately, their security is so tight that I can't simply set a session. I have been on their forums for weeks trying to find some answers. Since my site is custom coded, using Wordpress or anything like that won't help and the code for SMF or any mods for wordpress to smf is way too advanced for me to understand it. I am very close to just coding an entire forum from scratch using my basic crap coding. Does anyone have any solutions on what they used for a forum or what did you end up doing?

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It wasn't until I took over TGL that I realized all of the amazing tools that are built into it that make making your own forum feel even less useful.  I know there are a few people on Fiverr who would be willing to do SSO (single sign on) implementations for forums with your own site.

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